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What is a Live Casino?

Just like Las Vegas strip, there is always an online casino waiting for you! Part of the casino universe involves rooms completely isolated from the real world – some fans might not know but the usual idea behind the gambling rooms secluded from the streets life and the sun is to make the users forget about time and gamble more and more. Drinking is also a key part of encouraging players to open their wallets.  

Unlike the real world where even closed drapes make part of a strategy to encourage betting large sums of money, you can bet comfortably from home drinking whatever you want, a drink that is more helpful in terms of calculating winnings chances.  

What are Slots and Live Casinos

Slots are mechanic machines that exist at land based casinos, they have inspired what would be called online ‘virtual machines’. There are several differences in comparison to those vintage metal devices.  
Online slots can offer multimillionaire prizes in the region of 8 figures whilst a mechanic slot can only hold coins so the sums are much smaller. 

Live casinos however are based on the concept of offering you the true experience of a real life casino from the comfort of your home, office, while you are commuting or waiting for your next train or flight – most offer mobile casino friendly access too. 

The main concept of live Casinos is offering a live video streaming of a dealer – i.e. a human being doing something that will allow you to make bets, that could be the act of drawing cards when it comes to games such as Baccarat or Blackjack and dropping the ball on a Roulette table when it comes to what had become one of the most popular casino games.

Live Casino Bonus

Some operators will encourage you to bet specifically at this section of their websites, that could be because they have recently added new rooms or streaming options and want to prmote it or simply want to invite you to new games that you’ve not tried before. Regardless the reason behind the promotions, it is true that there are bonuses that apply to the live casino section. They tend to come in the form of Roulette free spins or special credit to bet on Blackjack. 

Make sure you check our bonuses reviews to multiply your gambling funds as much as possible – it is a good time to be a live casino Canada fan, the market is full of bonuses available. 

The American Roulette and the European Variation 
When it comes to Roulette there is a main difference between the most famous variations – That would be the number of zeros. The American Roulette which is the most famous and used format in Canada and USA is comprised of numbers ranging from 1 to 36 as well as the 0 and the 00, making it a total of 38 numbers. The European Roulette however uses only one zero making it a total of 37 numbers. 

The net result in terms of odds is almost the same, which means the Roulette players shouldn’t worry much whether the Roulette offered is American or European – aficionados however may feel more deeply immersed in Vegas if they bet using a double zero Roulette, so it really depends on your personal preferences. 

Some Casinos may offer different languages at the rooms, but pay attention: usually when you click at the live casino section and you see ‘French Roulette’ it just means the format of the Roulette is European rather than a French speaking dealer. 

Where Big Bets Happen – VIP Rooms 
The casinos try to reward the ‘high rollers’ with special rooms where they are treated like VIP because of their spending habits. The casinos profit over small commissions which means a big delivers a larger cut for them. Casinos are all about style and party and the feeling of being VIP is part of this universe.  

Movies like 007 Casino Royale show what VIP rooms look in real life – in that case the game featured is poker but there are Blackjack and Baccarat rooms too (this game has been associated with High Society at least since the 1900’s) 

The perks of a VIP room may include special commissions (if the casino is earning a cut over a huge amount of money it’s fair to reduce it in terms of %) which means the operators really fight over the high rollers. 

Moreover, these sections of the casinos offer the players the chance to bet among the riches – some high rollers don’t want to interact with players betting a few dollars.  

When It comes to betting big, it’s all about the sensation of being a true VIP and casinos try their best to make you feel like that – some VIP programs include free tickets to real life sports events among other freebies.  

Go Visit a Live Casino! 

After reading so much about what it feels like to be on a live Casino you must be curious to try it yourself! What are you waiting for to check our Casino reviews and discover what are the market leaders when it comes to live casino. There surely is a fantastic offer for you to bet some money and take your chance to win big! 

You don’t Need to be in Monte Carlo or Vegas 

Live casinos are in fact an inclusive experience – you don’t have to fly to Monte Carlo or Vegas to bet on the Roulette these days, all you have to do is find a nice website with a good reputation and an interesting bonus deal, pick up your credit card and upload some funds before you enjoy the amazing world of live casinos!  

Play Baccarat – did you know it is the favorite game of 007? – or Blackjack and feel the excitement of drawing the cards and trying to beat the dealer!