Are you a fan of murder mysteries? Well this might just be the game for you. This Cluedo-esque slot game has all the elements you might expect from the board game, just with slots. The mystery slot uses stunning 3D graphics to keep with the ‘whodunnit’ theme, or should I say ‘Whospunnit’. However, finding the murderer in this will be the least of your worries. Set in the mysterious Wellington Manor, it servers as the perfect backdrop to both a murder mystery and a round of slots. 

Made by the well known provider BetSoft this creative and 3D animated online slot is perfect for playing on mobile or PC. BetSoft are known for their imaginative and ‘out of the box’ slots and this one is no different with an innovative design and top quality graphics. The visuals are sharp, characters are genuine and it’s even got great audio like a big ticking clock and a suspenseful soundtrack.

Our Whospunnit slot review will now look at the gameplay and betting options for this murder mystery-based slot offering. 

Whospunnit Slot Game Betting and RTP

This 5 reel- 30 payline slot has a coin range of $0.02 up to $0.50 with a bet range of 1-5. The game also boasts a very competitive RTP (return to player) of 96%.

Whospunnit Slot Game Features and Gameplay

Symbols across the reels include the victim’s legs, a magnifying glass, a safe, five suspects and a big wall full of clues – just what you’d expect from a murder mystery slot. We also recommend that players try the Whospunnit Free Play mode first to get a taste of this game, before deciding to play with real money.

The game features a timer that counts down every time players hit the spin button. During this timed play you can collect clue coins and for every one of these coins collected on the reels players will win an extra spin in the special clue collecting mode. Once this timer runs out bettors will be redirected to the clue collection reels, which consists of three gameplay levels: 

  1. Murder location: All murder locations will be seen with symbols like kitchen, study, bathroom, gazebo and dining room. 
  2. Murder weapon: These consist of a gun, a wrench, poison and a noose. 
  3. Lastly is the Culprit clue: Spilled tea, watch duster, cigarette and stethoscope. 

Matching three or more symbols in any of these extra levels will earn players extra credits. To move from one level to another players must collect five clue points on any symbol. 

Whospunnit Slot Game Bonus Features

The game features a gamble where bettors can choose to double wins or lose everything by guessing a coin toss with Mr. Wellington. To get through to the second bonus screen players must have solved all three of the clue collection levels. The next bonus allows players a chance to accuse a killer and interrogate. Choose a suspect and ask questions until they break down and confess. 

In order to get to the next bonus players must have the evidence symbol on the centre reel. Winning two or more of these evidence symbols will see you awarded with a scatter payout. 

Whospunnit Slot Game Final Verdict

This enthralling murder mystery slot is perfect for all you Cluedo fans. Our Whospunnit game review is of the opinion that this is a very entertaining game for beginners and slot veterans alike, and the various bonus modes and generous RTP mean that players will be able to pick up big wins from time to time as well.