The tipsy tourist

Tipsy Tourist slot game promises a very intriguing experience for casino lovers online. This is a pretty popular slot game that has been developed by BetSoft games. It has this feeling this warmth about itself and like many other BetSoft slot games, Tipsy Tourist is also available on multiple platforms. This includes PC, Android and IOS. So that is a fair reflection of the fact that this is a pretty reliable slot game for players.

The game has a bit of a cartoon look to it. But it just works for the theme and how it is meant to make the players feel a bit relaxed about life. This Tipsy Tourist game review will educate players about how the game works and go over some of its instructions as well. This Tipsy Tourist review also talks about the game’s RTP and how the players can potentially win big.

How to play

The game is based around an office employee who is disgruntled with his office life and wants to take a break. To get away from life in the office, he immediately jumps onto a plane to Miami. This plane takes players a lovely beach in Miami. So the game has multiple elements related to a beach and vacations.

The background music of the game just works very well with the theme. The music is soothing and won’t interfere with the players’ gaming experience.

The idea of the game is to land symbols in a combination on the reels. These combinations reap rewards for players and these rewards depend on the value of the symbol and the total number of symbols that have formed the combination. Like many other slot games, the symbols on this game have varying values.

Some symbols have low multipliers, while others have high multipliers and pay a bigger amount to players.

Bonus features

The game has a really good Wild Symbol and this a big sign pointing to a beach party. This symbol replaces all the other symbols on the reel, except for the two scatter symbols that the game has. The two scatter symbols are the Beach Ball and the Cup. 

These fall only on specific reels on the game. The cup symbol falls only on reels 1, 2 and 3. But doing this triggers a Drinking Game. On this Drinking Game, players compete against another player in a coin toss. The winner of the toss gets big extra rewards.

The Beach Ball symbol appears only on reels 3,4 and 5. These scatter symbols allow for free spins. The maximum number of free spins are actually unlimited, but it starts with a minimum of eight.

There is an interesting Double Up feature on this game too. Through this, players can double their winnings, but there is also the danger of getting it halved.

The Tipsy Tourist slot game review

This slot is definitely worth a go, with great features and an interesting look. Since some features on this game involve risk, players should try out the Tipsy Tourist Free Play mode before they play the main version. Through this, players can learn how the game works before they play with real money.