The golden owl of athena

We’re heading back to Ancient Greece for The Golden Owl of Athena, which is probably one of the most popular themes for slot games. So what justifies another trip out? We’re just going to come out and say it since it’s definitely the main selling point: the top jackpot can be as much as £500,000! So will you be a wise old owl, or is this more of a Greek ruin? Let’s find out!

Game background

One of the positives about this game, or one of the negatives depending on your preference, is that it’s based along pretty traditional slot lines. You get five reels, ten active pay-lines and a limited number of coin values to choose from, meaning your betting range is limited from 10p up to £10. This is a relatively new game, so Betsoft has clearly made this decision to appeal to a certain target market.

We like that it’s relatively free of the game mechanics and complicated modes, rounds and bonuses that are common with other modern slots, and it offers more of a traditional gaming experience. However, it’s definitely less cinematic than some of its competitors. The RTP isn’t exactly mouthwatering either, at just 95.05%, but the standout element of this game is definitely the jackpot rather than incremental wins. Perhaps the best thing about The Golden Owl of Athena is that it’s available right here at!

Feature bonuses

As we pointed out above, don’t expect a lot of animations and complicated stages to the bonus features in this game. That’s not to say it doesn’t look good: the graphics and animations are all very pleasing, depicting the glories of Mount Olympus perfectly, with cypress trees and white temples on hilltops. There’s also the eponymous Golden Owl of Athena who acts as your guide and as both a wild and a scatter during the game. Achieving bonuses and free spins is as simple as getting 3, 4 or 5 owls in any position on the reels, after which a random special symbol will be chosen. This will take over the reel once found to afford you even bigger bonuses.

The game isn’t totally without special features, and the ones that caught our eye the most were Buy and Turbo Mode. The first is rarely found in slots and allows you to buy into the free spins feature without collecting the relevant symbols; the second simply spins the reels faster so you can get on with the action. You can also engage the Gamble feature, which allows you to place a simple double-or-nothing wager on every win. It’s basically a coin flip, and you stand to walk away with twice your winnings or nothing at all.

Once again, The Golden Owl of Athena is a pleasant slot that doesn’t involve lots of complex mechanics, but it is fun to play.