Neptunes kingdom

Adventures are part and parcel of a slot game experience as the emotions that can be received from the game can satisfy the hunger and desire players have. Risk and reward are also part of the experience and there might not be too many greater adventures than going up against a god and trying to steal the treasure that he has been sitting on.

Playtech’s Neptune’s Kingdom encourages players to do exactly that as they look to take the treasure from Neptune – the god of the water – in a rather retro game-play experience which is perhaps designed for newcomers to the slot game market, rather than those experienced gamer’s who enjoy high-octane drama and a fast-paced style of slot. 

We certainly had fun playing this title when we did our Neptune’s Kingdom game review and players will likely enjoy it as well when they have been able to experience the thrill the slot provides.


Neptune’s Kingdom is certainly a game for players of all levels, although those that are looking to play a slot game without too many complexities might enjoy this Playtech title a little more.

The game is rather small, with only three reels and five paylines available. Despite a small number of paylines they are still adjustable via the ‘Bet One’ switch and players can still look to change their ‘Bet per Line’ via the buttons at the bottom of the reels. Then, it is time to hit ‘Spin’. There is also a ‘Bet Max’ button, which activates all the paylines. Bets per spin can be as little as 0.05¢ and be as much as $25 when all the paylines are activated.

Rewards will have to be considered rather modest, although that should not be a shock considering the number of paylines available. There are fish, lobsters and tropical fish symbols on the reels, whilst the Trident and the Mermaid finish off the low-value symbols of the game, whilst the Treasure Chest is worth twice as much as the Mermaid. However, three of these are needed on a payline to trigger this big win.

Feature Bonuses

Indeed, when looking for Neptune’s Treasure bonus features, there were not many available. Perhaps with the slot game being as basic as it is, it should not be a surprise. Nonetheless, there was something that caught our eye.

The aforementioned Treasure Chest symbol needs to land across a payline in a set of three, but the payline will determine how much is rewarded. The middle row is worth a modest 100x the stake, whilst the other horizontal lines provide 110x the stake, with the diagonal paylines providing 130x or 150x the amount of the initial bet.

RTP (return to player)

Neptune’s Treasure slot game certainly rewards players if they do take a spin on the reels, as the return to player rate (RTP) is set at an impressive 97%. The game might be basic and not provide too much for experienced gamers, however there is still plenty to get excited about when giving this rather traditional slot game a go.