Lost island

Lost Island Game Review

There have always been legends of amazing forgotten lands hidden from the outside world, and whether it’s a strange alien civilization living in Atlantis or the giant Gorilla worshipping tribes of Skull Island. What would it be like to find a hidden island all of your own? Well now you can, with the Lost Island slot game! Strewn with jungles, exotic plants and ancient ruins, there is plenty of danger but are there also some tasty rewards ready for the taking? Let’s take a look in our Lost Island slot game review!


While this island may be lost, we can’t say the same about its treasures, which litter the reels as far as the eye can see. There is some pretty clear Aztec inspiration at work in this pokie, where the high value symbols are made up of all kinds of strange and intricate jewels with a distinctly Mesoamerican feel to them, from strange carved disks to necklaces and bracelets. There are also some less sophisticated items such as a decorated skin drum and a crudely tied and jewel set bracelet, and even a huge tropical plant, though all the symbols perform cool animations when they’re used as part of a combo. All set on a background of a deep jungle with Aztec looking ruins poking out of the brush, the effect is extremely atmospheric. It almost goes without saying that there is a haunting tribal soundtrack to this game, but there are also some cool sound effects to go with the animations and music to create a really cool atmosphere.

There are a few fun mechanics in play in Lost Island, and though the main game has a fairly standard three row and five reel layout with 20 pay lines, all is not necessarily as it seems. The main symbol of interest in the main game is the tropical plant wild, which carries a multiplier that increases with each wild that lands at once up to a maximum of 5. This means you can get your main win payout and your wild win payout, all multiplied by up to 5x! With your maximum bet of £/€/$100 in play, you can see how that could add up to a pretty serious payout, especially with an RTP of 96.5%.


The wildflower bonus is an excellent feature, but if you like free spins you’ll love the next feature! Collect up to five turtle brooch scatters on the reels and you’ll get as many as 30 free spins to play with, during which not only will the wild flower symbol perform its little multiplier trick, you’ll also get the benefit of a permanent flower wild in the middle reel throughout your spins to get that extra head start.


The Lost Island slot game seems to have it all, including a great theme and some excellent design, while there are also some top quality prizes and fun bonuses to put the icing on the cake. It’s easy to get lost on the Lost Island, but there’s definitely treasure among the danger!