Kawaii kitty

Kawaii Kitty is an ultra-cute slot game from Betsoft in which players help the titular kitty to hit combinations of cat treats including cat food, tuna, and yarn. The graphics are just lovely, and the game’s soundtrack feels whimsical and sweet in a way that only the music in a game about a kitten searching for treats could be. It’s a great looking game and a nice way to while away some time, particularly if you’re a cat fan, but it suffers from a severe lack of features, meaning it’s difficult to enjoy playing Kawaii Kitty for very long before its interest level wanes.


Kawaii Kitty sees players spinning reels of cat treats to score winning combinations. The lowest value symbol in the game is a tin of tuna, while a ‘moustachioed’ milk carton takes the top spot for the most valuable symbol. If you manage to score five milk cartons in a line, you can win up to 2500 coins for your troubles. Meanwhile, the cute white kitten of the title will sit at the side of your display and purr happily every now and again – it’s always nice to be appreciated.

Special features

This is where Kawaii Kitty’s weakest point lies. While most modern online slot games make an effort to at least provide bonus free spin rounds, Kawaii has really gone back to the basics in terms of mechanics. The sole feature is the little ball of yarn symbol, which acts as the game’s wild. When this lands on reels 2, 3, or 4, a cute animation sees the yawn ball knitting itself over the full reel, turning into an expanding wild. Any wins from this spin will then be calculated before the game gives you an extra free spin with the expanded wild still in place. These spins are where you can make most of your money playing Kawaii Kitty, but a simple expanding wild plus one free spin will feel underwhelming for many players who enjoy the added incentive of bonus rounds to work towards. Kawaii Kitty’s wild yarn ball does show up pretty regularly, though, so wins aren’t too few and far between.

Mobile gameplay

Like most Betsoft games, Kawaii Kitty is easily playable on mobile devices so it’s perfect for playing on the go. The game’s simple mechanics actually suit players who like to dip in and out of games quickly quite well, and its superb graphics stand out in any format.

Return to player

On top of a lack of special features, Kawaii Kitty also offers a relatively poor RTP of only 95.27%, which is a per cent or so below average for a slot game of this kind. It’s low variance because the game’s yarn expanding wild comes into play quite often, but this doesn’t make up for such a low figure. Unfortunately, players have to really be in love with Kawaii Kitty’s cute style to find a reason to play, because the RTP and special features don’t add much. review here