Batman Begins

Many people will be familiar with the smash-hit superhero film Batman Begins from 2005. The officially licensed slot game of the same name was developed by Playtech. The layout is a fairly standard one found in numerous other games. It uses 5 reels with 20 active lines.


Every licensed slot game based on DC comics has four progressive jackpots. Batman Begins follows this trend. There are also other rewards unique to this title. The maximum jackpot is $10,000. Batman Begins really shines when it comes to its features. There are numerous ones such as multipliers, respins and wilds.

Each round uses 20 coins which cover 20 active lines. Coin values range from $0.01 to $10. A regular win will give players 1,000 coins which translates to a maximum win of $10,000. Several wild multipliers can go up to 50x. This means that if players are lucky enough they could win a fixed jackpot of $500,000. Despite this, the average RTP is lower than for many modern slots, at 95.11%.


There is a hotspot location on the screen. If a certain symbol lands on this location then a meter starts to fill up. Once it fills all the way players travel to a new location. There are 5 in total. This is a key feature of Batman Begins.

In the Temple level, there are symbols called Flower Wilds. These have the ability to turn other positions into wild symbols too. The Wayne Manor level contains Petrol Wilds which work in a similar way.

In the Batcave, level players can utilise Batmobile Wilds which trigger respins at the end of each round. The Arkham Asylum level has a Bat-Signal which targets random signals to turn wild, assigning a maximum of 50x multipliers. Finally, the Monorail level has a Microwave Wild. It chooses the highest symbol next to it, transforming other random locations into the same symbol to give out extra wins.


The overall visual layout of this game is very much in keeping with its superhero theme. Fans of the 2005 film will recognise a number of familiar characters. This includes Bruce Wayne, Scarecrow, Officer Gordon and Ra’s Al Ghul. In some movie based slot games, the artwork for characters can look nothing like the on-screen cast. Luckily this is not the case for Batman Begins. This is because the images of each character are clearly based on photographs of the cast.

The backgrounds are finely detailed with eye-catching animations. They are visually pleasing without distracting the player from the main action on the screen. The soundtrack is reminiscent of the movie’s epic score. During big wins scenes from the film appear.


Batman Begins is a very enjoyable slot title with some lucrative jackpots to potentially win. The vast wealth of features helps this game to stand out. Having unique ones for each level was a nice touch. It also has high-end graphics with professionally designed visuals. The only real downside to the game is the fact that the RTP is less impressive than similar games. Apart from that Batman Begins is certainly worth playing. review here