Alkemors tower

Alkemors Tower slot game is a very intriguing game for bettors and casino-lovers online. The game promises a lot of great rewards and it is provided by the famous creators BetSoft. The game, like many other BetSoft games, is available on many platforms. This includes PC, Android and even IOS. This is a fair reflection of the fact that this is a reliable game and players can trust it with their money.

The game has the theme of magic and even sorcery and has many things involving that in it. This Alkemors Tower game review has a lot of information for players. The Alkemors Tower review will introduce players to how to play this game, the bonus features it has and how players can win big on this great slot game.

How to play

Technically, Alkemors Tower is a 3D slot game. That is largely because of how great its graphics are and how the visuals are very appealing. The theme makes it look even better, as the magical elements just get along well with the very good graphics of this slot game.

The main idea of this game is to land symbols in a combination on the reels. This leads to players winning high rewards. But the amount of rewards depends on the number of symbols on the reels and the multipliers on the symbols. Understanding this is a key point of this online slot game.

This is a non-progressive slot game and has a total of five reels. This is pretty usual for just about every BetSoft game. The fact that this game has 243 paylines shows that the game has immense potential to help players earn big money. The game also has a decent RTP of 95 percent, which isn’t too high but it is still good enough for players to have a good chance of winning.

The symbols on this game are of two types- the high-paying and the low-paying. The minimum bet stands at 0.02 to 5.0. This shows that depending on the amount deposited, this game can be a high risk, high reward slot.

The game is full of great bonus features and that is one big aspect of this. These features multiply the rewards, helping players earn more.

Bonus features

The game has four elemental spells and all four have unique payouts. They have their own strengths as well. These four spells are water, fire, earth and air. All of them have unique abilities, this includes the wilds, scatters and even jackpots. If the correct symbols are triggered, the Alkemors Tower slot game takes players to a different play zone, from where they have to win on mini-games to unlock free spins.

The free spins vary in number. These range from 10, 12 to 15, depending on how players do in the mini-game. This is another big feature on the game and it again benefits players a lot.

We would recommend players to check out Alkemors Tower Free Play. Through that, players can learn the basics of the game without spending anything from their own pockets. This is more like a generic tutorial, before players play the paid modes and have the opportunity to win big.