4 seasons

4 Seasons slot game is a pretty well-known slot game and many bettors and casino lovers online would know about it as well. It is too good to turn down in too many aspects and players are sure to really like it. Developed by BetSoft gaming, the game is like a lot of other games developed by the company and is available on many other platforms like PC, Android and even IOS.

The game is unique in some ways and that makes it stand out from the crowd in today’s slot game environment. But this Four Seasons game review looks at the multiple features that this game has and how players can play it in an effective manner. This 4 Seasons slot game Review also looks at the game’s RTP and how much players can potentially win from this game.

How to play

The game has some really appealing graphics and since this falls under the 3D slots category, it is actually bound to have some great visuals on it anyway. The game has multiple Chinese zodiac symbols as elements or symbols and that is what is really thrives on.

The idea of the game is similar to that of many other slot games. Players need to use the symbols on the reels effectively and get them arranged in a combination, through which they get rewards. The rewards depend on the value of the symbols involved and the total number of symbols that end up on the combination.

Like many other BetSoft games, this game also has a 5×3 reel system, which is easy to understand and not too complex. The minimum bet stands at 0.2, with the maximum at 1.0. 

Some symbols on this game are low-paying. These symbols are zodiac symbol animals. This includes a tiger, rat, ox, dragon, goat, snake, rooster, horse, dog and a pig. While these don’t pay too high, but they pay ten for three, 20 for four and 50 for five.

Bonus features

The 4 Seasons slot game technically has three special symbols. Two of them are the Yin and Yang symbols. These two symbols determine the number of free spins that players can get and it is a reflection of how important a symbol it actually is.

But the best symbol on the game is the golden cat symbol. This is the wild symbol on the game and it ends up replacing the other symbols on the reel, bar the Yin and Yang symbols. This symbol allows for an exciting feature and if players land five wild symbols, they get a huge jackpot of 10,000 coins. 

4 Seasons slot game review

We would really recommend players to check out this impressive game as it does well in many areas which we review. But we would advise to initially check out the 4 Seasons slot Free Play mode as doing that will allow them to understand the game fully. Once they’ve learnt the game, they can move on to the paid version of the game and win rewards.