Different Cricket Formats Explained

Cricket Ball

Sports bettors may be surprised to hear of the growing popularity of cricket betting. This bat-and-ball sport from England is quickly becoming a globally popular sport for placing stakes on. There is a range of competitions and fixtures worldwide, with different bet markets providing great odds for placing stakes on cricket fixtures!

If you’ve not yet experienced cricket betting or gameplay, the variety of game formats may be quite confusing. Different cricket fixtures are played with the Test, ODI and Twenty20 formats, making for different bets and odds in play. This is why it is so important to know the different game formats before placing stakes on cricket fixtures; this guide should help you to understand the different cricket formats.

Test Cricket

Test Cricket is the original format of this game and consists of matches that could potentially last a number of days. This is because there is no limit to the number of overs in Test Cricket; instead, each team taking part is given 2 innings to bat and to bowl. These innings do not end until the team declares their innings or is bowled out by the opposing team.

This cricket play format is great for placing stakes on individual players with no limit to the points a batsman can score in play. With play potentially lasting days, the weather and fatigue can affect gameplay, particularly in close matches where a team is looking to gain a strong lead before declaring their innings.

Twenty20 (T20) Cricket

T20 cricket is the shortest game format that limits each team playing to just 20 overs, in which they will hope to score as many points as possible. These games often provide the most fast-paced and entertaining fixtures where both sides are either trying to score as many points as possible or hinder their opponents from doing so!

With a limit on the overs in play, the batting players will hope to win as many points as possible, so placing stakes on individual player Over/Under run markets may be worthwhile. This fast-paced format has quickly become one of the most popular cricket styles around the world, so there is a huge selection of league and competition fixtures to choose from.

One Day International (ODI Cricket

The ODI cricket gameplay format features a maximum of 50 overs per side, which means these games provide a nice middle ground between Test cricket and Twenty20. This is to allow both sides enough chances to score points whilst limiting the overall length of play to a single day.

The length of ODI cricket allows for a balance of fast-paced gameplay where teams try to score as many points as possible and strategically manage the resources they have. Those looking to bet on ODI cricket fixtures may want to research the form of teams and players included in various betting markets.

If you’re looking to find out more about betting on cricket, the Cricket Today site is full of informative guides on the leagues, teams and players in cricket, plus much more!