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The Concept of Casino Bonuses

For a beginner the concept of bonus can be a little confusing because this word is used essentially within a number of contexts in online gambling; it’s used when signing up at a Casino (welcome bonus or loyalty bonus) and also in the environment of slot games. 

When it comes to bonuses regarding your casino sign-up or membership, most operators usually offer you the opportunity to multiply your gambling budget if you meet certain conditions called ‘Wagering Terms’. In other words, they are purely financial incentives to gamble at a specific operators’ website 

In contrast slot bonuses are incentives that can be part of the game or not. When a website advertises ‘free spins’ it means some free rounds are being offered for you to try out a specific game and enhance winning chances. 

Within the slot games the concept of free spins also exists, but those free spins are rewards for lucky players as a game feature This means the chances of winning them are related to the odds defined by the slot game developer and they have nothing to do with the free spin promotions to attract new players. Another concept related to the ‘inner environment’ of Slots would be the Bonus games – they are parts of the game and at times are related to the jackpots. 

Welcome Bonus 

When it comes to financial incentives for signing up with a casino, this is the most common types of bonus. It is nearly impossible to find an operator that doesn’t offer such incentive as the market is very competitve. These ‘housewarming gifts’ are particularly interesting because the players can enjoy the benefit of opening multiple accounts across the market and make the most of their gambling budgets. That kind of freebie is usually available at Sportsbook too or websites that have distinct sections for Sports and Casinos. There are distinct types of Welcome bonuses: 

Deposit Cash Bonus – Financial Incentive 

This is a bonus completely related to money: let’s say you deposit 200 CAD and the Welcome bonus offers you a 100% deposit bonus reward, this means you will receive 400 CAD to bet.

The deposit bonuses normally are spread across the first deposits, unlike the Sportsbooks where they usually are a one-off basis. Often times they are somewhat progressive – i.e., the last deposit gets a higher percentage of bonus – be careful when a website advertises overly generous cash deposit bonuses, usually this means you need to make several distinct deposits to make the most of them. 

The Free Spin Bonus – Casino Promotion 

The industry knows what are the fan favorites – this means they will try to attract the fans based on their favorite games, and when it comes to slots there is nothing better than offering free spins. Starburst, Mega Moolah and TwinSpin are among the games often related to these free spin promotions. 

Make sure you understand the difference of a free spin incentive offered by the gambling house and the free spins that derive from slot game features. 

No Deposit Casino Bonus – As Good as It sounds? 

The most honest answer here is ‘kind of’: the no deposit bonuses do exist and they really mean you get free funds to bet with zero risk.  

There are some conditions however that must be met in order for these funds to become withdrawable prize money: Wagering terms apply, which means the winnings need to be bet a certain amount of time before they can become ‘real life money’. 

Moreover, even if you win a staggering amount of cash such as a jackpot or a prize under the effect of several exponential multipliers, usually the prize money derived from free deposit bonuses is in the house of 200 CAD. 

It’s still free money and free bets but considering the particulars of these bets, it’s fair to accept these terms. Some forced deposits may be involved to cash out the funds too, but they often times are related to ID confirmation and do not mean the house want to ‘drain’ your earnings (Make sure you are dealing with an honest operator!) 

As the No Deposit bonus sounds quite appealing – who doesn’t want a risk-free bet?! – the lesser reliable websites will offer incredible promotions of this kind – make sure you understand fully the wagering terms before wasting your time with virtual bets that can never become true cash! 

Monthly Bonuses – Also Known As ‘Retention Bonus’

These bonuses try to keep bettors within the website, they aren’t very famous as the Casinos don’t focus their advertisement efforts here but you may be surprised by offers to make secondary deposits after you are already a ‘regular of a particular Casino. 

The percentages of deposit bonuses here might not be as generous as welcome bonuses – after all, they already consider you a loyal customer but freebies are always welcome and any promotion or bonus that adds more value to your gambling budget should be used! 

The World of High Rollers & VIP Programs 

The most beloved customers of the Casino world are those betting huge sums of money – some people may bet in the house of 7 figures at a Live Casino! There are rooms especially tailored for these players – these places can offer lower house cuts, for instance if a house will earn a cut of a 100k CAD bet then they wouldn’t mind charging 50% less, for instance 1% in comparison with a normal Live Casino commission.  

VIP Programs may also include free gifts, concert tickets and prestigious sports events tickets. 

Refer a Friend Bonus 

This is a common bonus of many industries and Casinos are no exception: they are a promotion with a simple format, usually the friend needs to deposit some cash and the person that referred gets some compensation. 

Bonuses / Promotions Related to a Certain Payment Method 

These promotions are usually built in cooperation for instance with an e-wallet and they may feature smaller commissions / cuts to deposit funds. 

Enhance Your Budget with Bonuses! 

There are several offers of bonuses available right now, make the most of your gambling budget, multiply it with bonuses today!