Are Online Slots Rigged?

Online Slots Background

Fairness is important when playing a game. Sport isn’t worth watching if the officials have been paid off, meaning that whatever team does they won’t be allowed to win. It is the same when visiting a Casino. There is no point in playing a game of Blackjack if the dealer has an Ace and a King hidden up his sleeve, as you’ll never be able to beat it. This also applies to online slot games. Players want to be assured that the games they are playing are fair, and the betting websites they are depositing their money with are not trying to rip them off. We are Online-Casino-Dollars are here to reassure you, and will attempt to explain how online slots work, to give you a bit of reassurance.

Debunking The Myth

Sometimes when playing slot games online, they certainly feel rigged. You could be playing for hours, but nothing seems to come off. However, if you are playing through a reputable online casino website, it is almost certain that the slot games you’re playing aren’t fixed. These websites are all regulated and checked, to ensure fairness across the board. And let’s be honest, they make enough money as it is that they really don’t need to fix the games. Instead, what they actually need to do is entice new customers in through the doors. So, the only way to do that is to make sure the games are fair, and customers will see payouts.


RNG stands for Random Number Generator. Game providers will use RNG software on their games, which is regulated by online gamling authorities, to make sure the results coming out are indeed random, and not predetermined. It basically means that each individual spin should be unique, and any previous wins or losses will have no bearing on it whatsoever.

Part of the agreement casino websites have to make to be given a license by the authorities is to have their games tested, to ensure the RNG software is being used correctly. So, as long as the authorities themselves are doing everything correctly (and there is no reason to think they are not) then this should lead to a degree of trust between the players and the casino websites.

Finding Safe Online Casinos

If you are new to the online slot game scene, then it can be difficult to tell which websites are reputable and which aren’t. A good indicator will be the ones that post the results of the gambling authorities audit reports on their websites. This is probably down to the fact that these sites clearly don’t have anything to hide, and are doing everything above board.

A quick google search of ‘blacklisted casino websites’ will also give an indication of which websites should be avoided at all costs. 

So there you go, we hope that the above information will help put you at ease and answered the question ‘Are Online Slots Rigged?’.  Whether you’re new to the world of online slots, or have vast experience and knowledge of them, you should now have a better understanding of how they work, and how the top websites should all be as fair as possible.