• The golden owl of athena
    The golden owl of athena
  • Ogre empire
    Ogre empire
  • Reels of wealth
    Reels of wealth
  • Sugar pop 2: double dipped
    Sugar pop 2: double dipped
  • Legend of the nile
    Legend of the nile
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Top 5 RTP Slot Games

Everyone loves online slots with high RTP (Return to Player), and if you don’t you should. Why? The RTP tells you how much money players playing any given slot game...

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Are Online Slots Rigged?

Fairness is important when playing a game. Sport isn’t worth watching if the officials have been paid off, meaning that whatever team does they won’t be allowed to win. It...

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Top 5 DC Universe Superhero Slot Games

There is a huge range of slot games developed from the DC Universe, all featuring your favourite (or least favourite) characters. We sort the villains from the good guys in...

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Top 5 Online Slot Games

The online casino industry is booming, and slot games are no small part of that. Online slots are growing in popularity every year, with thousands of slot games available to...

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We have a collection of reviews on the website, ranging from those of specific games or the top tens of a picked type of slot games. We also have articles and information about some selective betting websites that betters can access and seek some valuable information from.

We believe in providing the best of content for betters, so that they can enjoy their betting experiences online without facing too much trouble. Our aim is to keep our faithful reads informed about the trends and news in the betting industry by providing an accurate and unbiased view of the scenario around us.

Our readers and viewers can have a look at some of the best potential deals and promotional offers available in Canada. We have some of the best bonuses from the best casino operators. From free spins, cashback offers and bonuses to exclusive betting deals, we have it all. Our readers can view and select these on our own website.

For Casino bonuses, we have a fair share of tie-ups with many well-known betting brands in the world. This includes BetWay, Leo Vegas, Slot Nite, Mansion, Hello Casino, 21Prive and many more. More details about these bonuses can be checked out on the Casino Bonus section on the official website.

We also have a Casino Reviews section on the website. On it, we have reviews for the likes of BetWay, Mansion, Leo Vegas, Spela Casino and many such outlets. Right there, we also provide users the option to know more about the bonuses that each of these betting outlets have.

To the right of the website, we have separate slots and games. These are essentially some exclusive reviews of the selective games. We look at slot games in a very complete manner. We initially look at their theme and look, analysing them through the eyes of someone who is pleased by the aesthetics. As you go deeper into the reviews, we also tell you about what the games really are about, as not every slot game has the same reel structure or the same number of paylines.

It is important for users to know as to what game offers them what sort of money and benefit. For that purpose, we also look at the bonuses or extra spins that these slot games have to offer. This part could be particularly useful for users, as they know exactly where to take advantage of games and potentially maximise their returns.

In addition to that, we look at the RTP of games and analyse as to how much players can win. We look at the maximum potential reward and how players can make sure of winning as much as they can in these slots.

Right at the end, we look at the betting sites that offer that game and what bonus features they offer in it. We also take a look at how good they are, in terms of their compatibility with multiple devices- be it PC, Android or Apple. You can be sure of relying on the slot games review that we offer at online-casino-dollars.com.

Separately, we have a section for a guide on sports betting. Since we are based in Canada, we look at advice on sports betting in the Canadian market and the Canadian currency and users should keep this in mind when reading up. We go onto talk about the various odds that sports betting has to offer for betters and what are the best ways to gain the most out of your bets on sports fixtures and players.

Sports betting also has some jargonised terms that not every beginner might understand. We offer an in-depth look at what they actually mean, making sure that readers end up knowing everything they can about what sports betting really is and what the drawbacks can be.

The website also has a separate section for free slot games. We don’t just review them in detail, but also look at them from the point of view of betting websites. These free slot games don’t need the users or customers to invest something from their own pocket. This makes free slot games an exciting way for customers to reap some rewards.

We, at online-casino-dollars, assure you that you can rely on our reviews and the promotional offers that we have available. Our aim is to provide you with all the guidance and tips needed in the industry. You can enjoy yourself, but be sure to gamble responsibly.

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